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guided birding in the west of Spain
Guide Vega Bermejo
Guide Alfonso Asenjo
Your guides:​​​​

Vega Bermejo is a trained ornithological ecotourism guide.  She is also a trained equestrian guide.  A keen animal and nature lover from an early age she finally realized her dream of living in the country-side and has been based in the area since 2005. Vega is also a stone-carver and graphic designer, and teaches creative workshops for children and adults.  She has worked as a translator and speaks English, Spanish and French fluently. She was born and brought up in England.

Alfonso Asenjo is a trained ornithological ecotourism guide.  He is also something of a self-taught amateur naturalist.  He speaks Spanish, Italian, French, Gallego and understands Catalan. Alfonso is also a professional actor and musician.


Both Vega and Alfonso have a deep passion and respect for wildlife, which they hope to transmit and share with those they accompany. They'll be happy to inform you insomuch as they can about much of the fauna encountered on a route, be it reptile, amphibian, mammal, insect,  or bird.

Vega and Alfonso are volunteers in the local Seo/Birdlife Harrier campaign, identifying and protecting Montagu and Hen Harrier nests from early harvesting. Click here for more details, and here for a short video.

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